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Four Decades of Professional Security Guard Solutions

With over 40 years of experience under our belts, Citiguard has developed expertise in security guard services, with a special emphasis on meeting the everchanging demands of dense urban living. Proximity to sensitive industrial, economic, and other facilities has necessitated a commitment from our industry to keep up with trends as circumstances change.


Our security expertise leads to insight on best practices and areas for improvement, and we’re here so you and your stakeholders can benefit from all the lessons we’ve learned over the years. Our integrity and responsiveness to change are key balances to our conservative and vigilant approach.

Our Services to Protect Your Business

When looking for the best security for your business, you’ll want a company with pricing that works out for your bottom line and meets your facility’s needs. With Toronto’s dense urban environment and highly diversified economic sectors, our service has to be similarly diversified to meet your needs.


We’ve developed custom security personnel solutions composed of gatehouse security, uniformed security guards, mobile patrols, concierge risk analysis, parking control, and covid pandemic screening security. Please reach out to learn how we can secure your facility with an agile service line.

Uniformed Security Guards
Our company provides manned guard services on-site. Our security guards have been trained to deliver enhanced security services bespoke to your facility’s needs. At the end of each shift, our guards draft complete written reports.
Mobile Patrols
Security officers on Mobile Patrol are proficient at inspecting locations promptly for damage, missing items, or evidence of forced entry. Our patrols establish a perimeter on client premises to deter unauthorized visitors.
Parking Control
Our security officers will guarantee that parking at your facility or area is subject to oversight and that violations are appropriately penalized. Our guards have also received training in traffic directing.
Gatehouse Security
A well-manned gatehouse ensures proper clearance, minimizing theft risks on all comings and goings. Our security officers document traffic and are trained to inspect dynamic cargo, including shipping reefers.
We offer concierge services for residential condominiums and business headquarters. well-trained guards will address inherent risk factors with professional concierge services.
Risk Analysis
We at Citiguard Security know how important security is to a company’s success. Our security experts thoroughly review your premises for any vulnerabilities and make recommendations, including necessary solutions and services.
COVID Screening Security
We are committed to following effective screening services for COVID-19 and all pandemics based on sound public policy and careful training. We provide excellent training to our guards to minimize infection risks.
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Competitively Priced

Our pricing strategy bases itself on providing top-notch security services with respect for the wealth of choices you have. We provide competitive pricing to earn your trust and stay with you.

Experienced TEAM

Our personnel benefit from rigorous training programs based on rich experience and ever-developing expertise. We leverage all our knowledge and keep our eyes on the horizon, so you’re always getting the most vigilant service.

Cutting Edge Technology

We keep abreast of the technology curve and make sure that your solution is current and cutting edge. Our guards have training on the latest technology so you can rest assured your site is secure.

Honest & Trustworthy

We’ve maintained a priority on keeping our clients’ trust from our inception, and we plan to keep it for decades to come. We report incidents with a focus on transparency to earn it and give you the information you need to address concerns.


With your trust, we hope to build a productive and reassuring client relationship with you. We’ll handle day-to-day security issues just as carefully as major incidents, and we hope to stay by your side for decades to come.

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Your Business, Our Solutions

No one service solution is mutually exclusive from another. Each facility or physical site has its natural strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, you might benefit from one or more of the service lines. Some clients need a gatehouse guard with a mobile patrol. Others need COVID screening. And some require a professional assessment to determine the level of service and mix of security services that would suit them. Our years of experience as one of the best security services in the GTA has led us to improve our practices year after year. With Citiguard, you know your security personnel package will suit your needs, no matter your site’s size, location, or layout.


There are a few different types of reports that security guards are responsible for:


  • A daily activity report cites everything a security guard observed and performed throughout a shift, as well as the timestamps and locations of any shift changes including unusual events that should be noted.
  • A maintenance report that ensures that all security equipment is in good working order at all times.
  • An accident report describing the details surrounding any accident that occurred on or near corporate property.


There’s another report that can summarize and amalgamate daily reports, called a monthly summary report. It gives you a high-level review of all activities for the month so we can analyze trends and look for opportunities to improve our processes.

While on duty, they must adhere to each provision of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act and its regulations, including the Code of Conduct.


All security guards and private investigators must adhere to the following guidelines:


– They declare themselves to be security guards when asked

– While on duty, they must have their appropriate license.

– they must reveal their driver’s license to anybody who asks, including employers, police authorities, and members of the public.

– They must reveal their driver’s licence even when operating in plainclothes, as bodyguards, or as loss prevention security guards, with some exceptions. A fine may be imposed if a valid driver’s license is not presented when required.


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