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As a reputable, agile, and reliable security company in Toronto and Greater Toronto, we’re proud to serve as one of the top security guard companies in Brampton. We use our experience to make security guard services in Brampton accessible, dependable, and focused on your facility’s needs.


Citiguard has 30 years of experience providing excellent security guard services in this metropolitan area, focusing on securing areas with sensitive assets and properties. Because of your industry’s proximity to budding research facilities and recent infrastructure investments, we’ve leveraged our experience to commit to staying current on technology while maintaining human resources excellence.

Our Services to Protect Your Business

A great security guard has situational awareness and responsiveness to change. Security companies in Brampton are best when the company has the same characteristics. For guard services, you’ll want those who project the professional authority of the owner. Our security guards are diplomatic and vigilant thanks to our comprehensive training curriculum and on-site training, and it shows through our clients’ peace of mind. Getting a contract with a security guard company like ours will give you the projection of safety and order you need for your vital commercial, industrial, or residential building. We’re here to help you and your property’s stakeholders benefit from that experience each day.

Uniformed Security Guards
Our company provides manned guard services on-site. Our security guards have been trained to deliver enhanced security services bespoke to your facility’s needs. At the end of each shift, our guards draft complete written reports.
Mobile Patrols
Security officers on Mobile Patrol are proficient at inspecting locations promptly for damage, missing items, or evidence of forced entry. Our patrols establish a perimeter on client premises to deter unauthorized visitors.
Parking Control
Our security officers will guarantee that parking at your facility or area is subject to oversight and that violations are appropriately penalized. Our guards have also received training in traffic directing.
Gatehouse Security
A well-manned gatehouse ensures proper clearance, minimizing theft risks on all comings and goings. Our security officers document traffic and are trained to inspect dynamic cargo, including shipping reefers.
We offer concierge services for residential condominiums and business headquarters. well-trained guards will address inherent risk factors with professional concierge services.
Risk Analysis
We at Citiguard Security know how important security is to a company’s success. Our security experts thoroughly review your premises for any vulnerabilities and make recommendations, including necessary solutions and services.
COVID Screening Security
We are committed to following effective screening services for COVID-19 and all pandemics based on sound public policy and careful training. We provide excellent training to our guards to minimize infection risks.
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Competitively Priced

Our pricing strategy bases itself on providing top-notch security services with respect for the wealth of choices you have. We provide competitive pricing to earn your trust and stay with you.

Experienced Experts

Our personnel benefit from rigorous training programs based on rich experience and ever-developing expertise. We leverage all our knowledge and keep our eyes on the horizon, so you’re always getting the most vigilant service.

Cutting Edge Technology

We keep abreast of the technology curve and make sure that your solution is current and cutting edge. Our guards have training on the latest technology so you can rest assured your site is secure.

Honest & Trustworthy

We’ve maintained a priority on keeping our clients’ trust from our inception, and we plan to keep it for decades to come. We report incidents with a focus on transparency to earn it and give you the information you need to address concerns.


With your trust, we hope to build a productive and reassuring client relationship with you. We’ll handle day-to-day security issues just as carefully as major incidents, and we hope to stay by your side for decades to come.

Brampton Security Guards for Any Industry

Your Business, Our Solutions

Your services totally depend on your physical site. After all, each facility or physical location in Toronto and the GTA has inherent strong points and disadvantages in maintaining security.


As a result, one or more of our service lines may benefit you. A uniformed security guard presence is required by some clients. But for some, a professional evaluation helps to identify the number of eyes and ears required as well as the combination of security services that will best meet their security requirements. Our constantly evolving experience highlights best practices and shortcomings of security guard companies. And that’s because experience grants no better teacher.


Our years of expertise as one of the best midsized security guard companies in Toronto gives us the security expertise you need in Brampton, so you can be certain that your security guard package will meet your demands.


As with all opportunities, experience can take you a long way in getting the job you want.


When we hire security guards, we look for knowledge, but we also look for the right traits that would allow you to flourish in this demanding occupation. Gather work experience beforehand that can demonstrate your reliability, responsibility, and trustworthiness especially.


If you have the budget, you could also leverage security guard training courses, saving your prospective employer time and money training you to make up for your lack of experience in this area.


Aside from appropriate licences, a competitive candidate for a security guard position should have excellent references from positions with overlapping job skills.


Having someone who can speak to your character and how you react in high-stress situations will go a long way in your application. Check out our careers page to find out if you have what it takes!

You do need to be licenced to become a security guard in Ontario, and the licence has a few critical requirements:

  • The individual applying must have a spotless criminal record
  • They are eligible for a licence according to the Private Security and Investigative Services Act. To become eligible, any person taking on a security job must have the following requirements:

(i) the person is at least 18 years old;

(ii) the individual is legally permitted to work in Canada; and

(iii) the individual has completed the required training and testing.


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