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Qualities of a Good Security Guard

Qualities of a good security guard 

Many businesses require security guards for protection, and in case of emergent situations, they need proactive professionals who can undertake viable threats and life-threatening conditions. But before you simply hire security guards that may seem like a perfect fit on paper, you should be aware of the qualities that make a good security guard for any business. Like any professional position, experience and skill are vital, but there are also innate qualities that perfectly align with specific fields, like the security guard profession. Because a security guard role is often demanding and requires quick thinking for potentially intensive situations, having the qualities for this role is vital for any business seeking out security guards from any security guard company in Toronto

Determine what qualities are most important for a security guard to inhabit for the best protection of a business and its patrons. 


Integrity and honesty are traits that are innate within a person and qualities that an employer can appreciate and utilize to protect a business and property. Because security officers often work independently, where employers do not have a constant and tight reign on their tasks and undertakings, it is imperative that the security guards are honest enough to protect the valuables they are assigned to oversee. More so, placing trust in any person to maintain the safety of numerous business patrons and the integrity of the business itself falls into the hands of security guards, emphasizing the importance of the honesty of a security guards. 


Leadership qualities and the ability to be a good team player are a must for an employee of a profession, especially for the role of a security guard. Security guards must be proactive and lead when required, such as if an emergency occurs in the place of business, and the security guard must think on their feet for the betterment of the patrons and vicinity they have been hired to protect. Security guards must also have to be able to work with other security guards, employers and employees as one cohesive team for a smoothly operating business. 

Keen observation

The ability to observe is an important and valuable trait to utilize as a security guard, as closely observing surroundings and business patrons in the background will be required without being too heavy-handed. Security guards must be keen and accurate in their observations. They will be able to determine suspicious activity without a type of imprecision that results in inaccurate and offputting accusations against a patron. 


When hiring a slew of security guards from a security guard company in Toronto, having good communication skills is a mandatory and exemplary quality. Being communicative will help a security guard resolve and quash any issues pertaining to security. As security guards manage various and precarious situations that often involve emergencies, they should be able to communicate and coordinate with emergency response teams, employees, employers, and business partners. 

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