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5 Ways to Protect Your Oil & Gas Site
5 Ways to Protect Your Oil & Gas Site

Why your oil and gas site needs security guards

In the oil and gas industry, there can be many threats to your site that can fluctuate depending on factors outside of your control. Factors like world politics, supply and demand issues, environmental concerns and plenty more can cause issues with the security of your oil and gas site. But when you add security guards to your site you can dramatically change the environment and logistics of your site. 

In this article, we will go over some of the areas that a security guard directly impacts and how they can help improve your site. 

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Risk Assessment

In order to ensure the security of your site, risk management is absolutely essential. A professional security guard company will have trained their guards to be able to identify, assess, intervene any risks present. For oil and gas sites in particular this can mean the mitigation or intervention of theft, piracy, terrorist attacks or even cival protests. 

A professional security guard will have plenty of knowledge and experience in handling a wide variety of situations. This means you can be assured that your property, site, assets and employees are all accounted for and taken care of. 

Security Patrolling

Patrolling through an area of an oil and gas site is one of the manin and most prominent responsibilities of the guards on duty. The entire area of a site is vast which means there is only so much a surveillance camera can capture. Visual inspections are the best way to avoid security lapses which can lead to trespasses, leakages or breakages. 

Restricted Items

If your oil and gas site has restricted items that are prohibited from entering (things such as alcohol to flammable materials, etc.) your security guard can make sure that all rules and regulations are adhered to and that restricted items are not snuck or brought on to site.

Reporting And Documentation

Reporting and documentation is another important task that your security can do to assist with the logistics of your oil and gas operations.  Detailed reporting and documentation is a crucial element to help keep organized and aware of various events/occurrences around your site. 

If you have specific requirements for your reporting, a security guard can be trained to complete this task for you. 

Incident Reporting

If there are any incidents that occur on your site like oil spills, pip leaks or any other hazards, these incidents need to be reported and documented. Since these incidents can fluctuate from minor to major, proper reporting can help in making necessary modifications. Incident reporting also helps significantly in a safety and security audit. 

In conclusion

The job of a security guard, especially one specialized in oil and gas sites, is to remain aware of everything happening around the site 24/7. Since incidents and threats can appear at any time, it highlights the need for a professional who has enough experience to assess and intervene appropriately.  By having a security guard on your oil and gas premises you help ensure the safety of your site, property, assets and employees.

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