A construction site security guard patrols the site with a radio in one hand
How to Protect Your Construction Site

4 ways to improve your construction site security

Construction sites can seem like the perfect target for criminals, since they are often large, open spaces that are riddled with valuables, they present a lucrative opportunity for theft, trespassing or even vandalism. Because of these factors, it’s even more important to make sure you have secured your construction site to protect your project and assets.

Any good construction project manager will recognize the need to have strict security precautions in place. This will help protect assets like machinery, wiring, materials and tools while also ensuring that no one can enter your site without authorization. There can be several ways to improve your construction site’s security and in this article we will go over some of the best ways to improve your site security below. 

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Improve Lighting

The dark offers criminals an opportunity to tamper with gates, locks and even equipment all without being seen. Since most construction sites are fairly large, there is plenty of room for mischievous individuals to hide and not be spotted by workers or security guards. 

In order to mediate this common issue, you can install lighting near entrances, equipment or machinery and any other area that contains valuables that you want to keep an eye on. By installing lighting, you eliminate hiding places, improve visibility and make it easier for your security guards to deter any suspicious activity.

Protect the Perimeter

Securing the perimeter of your construction site is another crucial element in any good security plan. Although, having a strong fence around your site is a good deterrent, fences can be cut or jumped. It’s best to add a second layer of protection on top of your fence like surveillance cameras.

For example, monitored surveillance cameras can add  protection to your perimeter. The presence of the cameras will help deter intruders and the remote staff monitoring the cameras can intervene to resolve suspicious situations before they escalate. 

Set a Better Schedule For Deliveries

If you can schedule your deliveries wisely, you won’t have to be concerned about materials being unaccounted for or lying around the site. The longer your materials are out in the open, the higher the chance they may be stolen. It’s recommended that deliveries be scheduled timely and only for the amount you need on that particular day. This will make it easier for you to protect your equipment and materials.

Hire Security Guards

This one should be a given, by hiring a few security guards to keep an eye on your construction site is still one of the most effective ways to secure your site. Security guards will patrol the entire perimeter of your site and ensure that no one enters your site who is not authorized to be there. Not only are security guards capable of handling trespassers but thieves as well. If you have surveillance cameras installed on your property, you will also need someone to monitor them during the off-hours. Security guards are trained to assess, recognize and intervene in situations where your site could be compromised. 

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