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Can Security Guards Arrest You in Canada?

Yes, a security guard can arrest you in Canada. However, it is rare since a security guard can only arrest you under certain circumstances. Many get confused when it comes to the role of security guards.

These personnel wear security uniforms, take responsibility for the premises, and become accountable for all security breaches. However, they have less power than other security authorities. You can understand more about their duties and rights from Toronto security guard companies.

The answer to whether a security guard can make an arrest is both no and yes. We will cover both circumstances in the following. 

Keep reading and know when a security guard can arrest someone and when the professional cannot. 

Toronto Security Guard Companies Regarding Arrests

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When Security Guards Cannot Make an Arrest

Security guards are private security authorities and take the security responsibilities of premises. They are not peace and police officers and cannot act beyond a limit. 

Also, they cannot act like police officers and make arrests whenever they encounter a crime or criminal. However, Toronto security guard companies consider training to make their professionals capable of doing the job seriously. They understand their duties and responsibilities and take all the measures to boost the security of the premises. People first contact the security guard whenever they experience any emergencies on their premises. 

However, these security professionals will have some limitations. They have limited power when making an arrest or taking similar actions. They are not government employees and do not possess the power to make an arrest. They work like the public but with some responsibilities imposed by the premise authorities. 

However, they do not have the right to act like the police – hence, they cannot be arrested except under the following conditions. 

When Security Guards Can Make an Arrest 

Security guards can make arrests, like the public. Since security guards are part of the public, they can act like the public. However, they can do this only under certain circumstances. They can arrest a person when committing a criminal offence. You will also have that power as public, and you can arrest someone for the same crime. 

Here are certain conditions when a security guard or public can make an arrest.

  • The guard can arrest when he witnesses the crime directly. Yes, the security professional can make an arrest when the crime happens in his presence.
  • A security guard in Canada can arrest when the peace officer wants him to make an arrest and deliver the suspect to the office immediately.
  • Apart from that, a security guard can be arrested for an indictable crime. The job of security guards makes them capable of detaining a person after committing an indictable offence. 

Security guards can arrest all the above conditions. They can make an arrest even if the crime has not happened on their assigned property. But they can only be arrested when they witness the crime directly. Otherwise, they cannot take such actions. Security guards should be well-versed in the rules and rights – specifically, Ontario’s laws surrounding security guards – to make correct decisions. In brief, security guards can be arrested in Canada but in certain circumstances. They can make an arrest only when they witness the action.

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